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Marchoc Chocolate

Flavored chocolate marchoc

12 υspecial flavors for hot and cold beverages

  • Milk Chocolate 0% sugar
  • Milk Chocolate with orange & cinnamon
  • Milk Chocolate mocha
  • Milk Chocolate gianduja
  • Milk Chocolate strawberry
  • Milk Chocolate caramel with sea salt
  • Spicy dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate with coconut
  • Dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate with caramelized peanuts
  • White chocolate with lemon & nutmeg
  • White chocolate with raspberry & pomegranate

Marchoc Bitter

Hot chocolate MARCHOC BITTER
A favorite winter delight, with full chocolate flavor, thick and smooth texture, rich in polyphenols

Marchoc Classic

The classic hot chocolate taste with a smooth vanilla aftertaste: enjoy it either hot or cold.

Κρύα Σοκολάτα Marchoc Gold

Cold chocolate Marchoc
High quality chocolate, with 35% cocoa: the ultimate cold, bitter taste, with a rich, velvety taste and full aroma.

White chocolate Marchoc

White chocolate Marchoc
Creamy white chocolate, rich in cocoa butter, with vanilla flavor.



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