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Γιαλούσης Ι. ΕΠΕ

Μηχανή Παραγωγής Soft Παγωτού EFE 4000


EFE 4000 machine is delicately designed ice cream machine, provides attracting mixings in numerous numbers and it is footed and wheeled with three different arms. It will make you an ice cream specialized with three alternative flavours and high capacity. It is ideal for medium or large sized businesses that have enough space for it and try to maximise the customer satisfaction.

Ωριαία Παραγωγή500 Κώνους (75gr)
Χωρητικότητα δεξαμενής2×8 litre
Ηλεκτρική Ισχύς3,9Kwatt
Παροχή ρεύματος230-1N-50
Διαστάσεις60 X 70 X 143