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Gialousis I. LTD

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Gialousis I. Ltd.
Greek smoothies from a modern company in Patras!

In its high end 800 m² premises in Patras, Gialousis I. Ltd. operates for almost two years, producing, packaging and trading smoothies, tea mixes, chocolate and espresso nationwide, establishing itself as a pioneer in the Greek market. “I am confident that apart from a serious business move, the creation of the company is really original, as –to my knowledge- there is no similar production company, technology or facility-wise, or even in regard to product quality, in the whole country”, founder, mr I. Gialousis says. “We have approached the field of beverage production, aiming to specialize in and develop Gourmet Beverage Mixes”.

The facilities
With 15 years of precious experience in the horeca field, deep knowledge of the local market, as well as the distribution channels throughout the country, Mr. Gialousis has decided to further expand an already existing company which was based in Patras importing smoothie products, chocolate and was representing one espresso brand, turning it into an independent, vertical integrated production unit. “We started by gradually developing our building requirements and then set the production chain for new products and brands”, Mr. Gialousis explains, emphasizing the eligibility and flexibility the company has now acquired. It is a vertical integrated production line that includes creating the final product with abridging the basic ingredients, homogenization of products as well as packaging. The company meets all HACCP and ISO requirements.

Novelty products
The company can produce even better quality products, according to customer needs, either private label or new brands that are launched, such as Marchoc chocolate and the frozen chocolate and coffee drink Marccino. Furthermore, according to Mr. Gialousis, it aims to create new products in its specialized chemical lab (in its R&D Department), featuring all the new trends. Some are beverages rich in natural extracts, such as green, white and red tea, or drinks light on calories, even vitamin-enriched beverages. This year the company launched Marchoc chocolate, frozen coffee and chocolate drink Marccino, Iceberg slushes in various flavors, mastic, limoncello and mango Sorbettos, as well as Ice teas (lemon, peach and green tea), all in powder form, available in bulk packaging.

Goals and objectives
And now, what? “We aim to expand our partnerships, by participating in the 5th HO.RE.CA. Exhibition, as well as to bring the final consumer in touch with the product, by press advertising or table displays. Our main perspective is to achieve the best nationwide coverage possible, and we have already made an opening to Cyprus”, Mr. Gialousis declared. “As the main body of our product range is strongly summer oriented and aimed to highly developed tourist destinations, our future plans include Turkey, Balkan countries, as well as North African countries, where the hospitality field is especially developed.” “Our ultimate goal is to become the best in production and distribution of the finest quality hot and cold Gourmet Beverage Mixers”.