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Gialousis I. LTD


Since 2007, GIALOUSIS I. Ltd. is a pioneer in the hot and cold dry mix beverage field. In its state-of-the art premises in Patras Industrial Area, it has established a model factory, featuring the most up to date mechanical equipment for the production and packaging of dry mix beverages. The factory maintains excellent hygiene conditions and is HACCP and ISO22000 complied.

With deep knowledge and care for customer needs and preferences, as well as great care and devotion to its products, the company Gialousis I. Ltd. has a leading role in a highly competitive and demanding market. With the final consumer in mind, we focus on acquiring the best ingredients, in order to make our products high quality gourmet beverages. Developing a series of hot beverages (chocolate, coffee-chocolate) and frozen smoothies, slushes, ice tea, as well as quality private label products is our top priority.

Our wide range of products includes chocolate (bitter, dark, classic or white), bio-organic shake and cocoa, frozen slushes in 14 different flavors, mastic sorbettos and various smoothies (chocolate, coffee, caramel or hazelnut aftertaste). Our range of delicious alternative solutions does not end here, as we aim to expand our products, restlessly trying to identify and meet local and foreign market needs.

With its extremely attractive offers, Gialousis I. Ltd. is the ultimate choice for trade professionals, as well as coffee and restaurant services.